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January 5, 2011




suck it tri-met.

May 14, 2009

I got a parking ticket today at the transit center for parking with my “right side wheels over the line”.  It was crap.  See the images below and the letter I sent with the check.  I hate tri-met even more than I used to.  And police.  Even if I have to pay the $24.00, having the opportunity to write the letter was well worth it.

May 14, 2009

To Whom it may Concern:

The proof that this is an unjustified violation can be found in the attached photographs. Upon parking my vehicle on the morning of 5/14, the vehicle in the parking stall to the left of my car was very close to the line. To avoid striking the vehicle, I parked a safe distance away, leaving my car very near, yet INSIDE the boundary of my parking spot. As the attached photographs show, My vehicle was inside of the designated parking area and no part of the right side wheels were over the space line, as indicated in the officer’s notes.

The fact that the vehicle to the right of my vehicle was able to park, as pictured, in its own stall indicates that the position of my vehicle did not impede the parking of any other cars.

Finally, it is my understanding that Tri-Met’s Sunset Transit Center (where the violation was issued) is within the boundary of Washington County rather than Multnomah County as the violation indicates.

Thank you for understanding. After excusing this violation, please contact me if you would like me to pay for the re-training of this officer… I’d happily write a check for this.

Kevin Lee


nothing much

April 7, 2009

I found this silly thought from some Scottish Bicyclist the other day and it felt very fitting given my recent year-long battle with the FOOT …

“You can go a long way with bad legs and a good head …”

let’s just hope the head part of the game holds out 🙂 i am going in today to sign paperwork with HR for my new job … exciting, nervous, expecting are all words to describe my current feelings … more to follow!


safe travels

March 31, 2009

just thought i would post a few pictures from the weekend, mainly of pre-sean-departes-to-japan from early monday morning. you will have fun brother! i am jealous … i think i might have to study abroad for grad school. hmm. it’s all online, so why not 🙂 we MISS you sean!

now let’s see if this new PC of ours can actually do a better job with uploading photos vs. the mac or if indeed the problem remains mine and wordpress.


animal house … *

March 25, 2009

* not really, but we just said good bye to our two of our three visitors this week .. miss betsy and esther who came up to portland for a visit! it was so much fun, but man a 2 year old can sure keep you on your toes! abby, how ever do you do it? kudos to you! as much as i loved spending time with the little firecracker and my cousin esther, the visit helped kevin and i put into perspective our future goals. we definitely want kids … but not quite yet 🙂 i realized i am probably too selfish to even think about it at this point .. with the possibility of starting a new job soon, going back to school in the fall … parenthood, the joy that it is, definitely requires the kiddies as #1. in the meantime though, i will just enjoy other peoples kids and get more and more excited to be an auntie myself and one day a momma! by the way, i need to just mention here that betsy is probably one of THE smartest 2.5 year olds ever … the things she comprehends, can question and notice amaze me! children are so perceptive .. but this one has laser-eyes 🙂 on tuesday, my brother sean and i packed betsy up for a morning at the zoo .. we met her grandpa, john there and had a blast. i am so glad that the rain held off yesterday (as it is back with a vengence again today) sean is the budding photographer with his fancy new camera, so i will have to steal a few of his pictures to post later. i attempted to get a couple. my favorite is when betsy grabbed sean’s hand (what a good sport brother!)

bella is passed out right now after her exciting week … she hasn’t ever spent time with little children, let alone one that was begging for her attention. she did really well. although at every opportunity she would try to run from betsy, if she did get “cornered” she would graciously take the attention, finally learning that kids are the tastiest of people to kiss  🙂

ps i can’t post half of the pictures i want to because wordpress flips them over onto their side, even after i have fixed them!! grr. i WILL figure this out.


green acres

March 23, 2009

it’s monday again! i can’t believe how fast the weeks go by … i feel like once i am working again, and back in school – i will blink and be 50. let’s hope that it doesn’t go by THAT fast, there are one or two things I would like to accomplish before then. 🙂 kevin, bella and i had a fun weekend visiting with our family and friends down in Corvallis/Kings Valley. if the right employment opportunities existed down there for us, i would definitely be petitioning to move. but, portland is a good home and not TOO far away from KV. on friday we celebrated mamasan’s (my grandma) 87th birthday! in honor of our yearly visits to izzy’s whenever mamasan came to visit growing up, we celebrated buffet style. it was fun. izzy’s really has decent food for an AMAZING price. all you can eat. mmm. gluttony. i’ve posted some pictures, they mostly consist of the little bain girls and mamasan. who wants to take pictures of average aged people eh?

saturday we got to hang out with the lee’s for some tasty grub. family + food = perfection. momma-to-be megan continues to grow every time we see her, but i promise it’s all in the belly 🙂 today i went to target and got sucked into the baby clothes section. i had to hold back as we don’t have any money to spare currently (had to save it for groceries … food/eating won today, but i can’t be so certain next time) sierra (growing baby girl) is going to be SO SPOILED .. but not rotten, just sweet. that’s all. bella is running in her sleep and it’s hilarious but i don’t have much more in way of exciting thoughts to share, so before i divulge into bella-inspired stories, i will post some fun photos of our weekend!

i think amy is kissing sierra, but she might be hungry too.

i think amy is kissing sierra, but she might be hungry too.



March 14, 2009

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