i’m moving on …

October 30, 2008

leave it to a country song to get me going in life … but let’s be honest, with all this pressure in the world, specifically the good old u s of a, for change, for hope, for mavericks, for moments to help us focus and find unity as a nation again, the ploy of politics doesn’t do squat for these so called “movements.” now a country song didn’t give me that, unless you count Toby Keith’s “courtesy of the red, white and blue” which maybe inspires spite out of tragedy … which is what this whole political campaign for president has turned into. i am so sick of the blows, from both parties digging up the most worthless information just to spit in the face of the other man/woman. if a campaign could justly share their beliefs, their policies, their records, we might find more unity than hate during these times. also, while i am ranting here, did anyone see obama’s expensive and quite ridiculous “paid television time” yesterday? i watched maybe 10 minutes of it and luckily changed the channel after he told me next to nothing i didn’t already hear from him all year. think of all the good the millions of dollars the obama campaign spent on that pointless ad which might have really been able to give back to our society. scholarships to college, support for those plagued by heavy healthcare bills, food and shelter for the homeless. i think that this is one of the most frustrating things in a campaign, the amount of money used to preach hate against one candidate to the next. uggggh. thank you for tuesday  when this madness will soon be over.

i think i am done with my ranting for now. but i would like to share a few more thoughts. i am a registered indepedent to democrate (to vote for hillary in the primaries) back to independent, but i also became, and i am more proud than ashamed to admit (as many in the democratic camp for obama would want me to believe i am, shameful that is) that i was a hillary turned mccain voter. (please don’t shoot me with your words of disgust, disgrace, etc) – john mccain was one of the most supported republicans by the democrats until he was facing obama in this election.  weird how minds can revert to ugliness so fast. but you know what is not ugly …

... this guy

... this guy

sigh. 🙂



  1. OMG…..we shall have to have a very calm honest discussion about this.

  2. 🙂 yah, just catch me when im politically stimulated or wiped out. either way, i might have something to say. on an off day, im like. phffph. 🙂

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