like stealing candy from a baby …

October 31, 2008

so, this old man tonight gave me a laugh. a patient, dressed to the nines in his hospital gown, was grumbling in a gruff manner about halloween .. that if he was at home tonight for trick or treaters, when the kids came to the door instead of giving them candy, he would take one of the kids full trick or treat bags and dump it into another kids bag. growling he said he would tell them, “and THIS is what will happen if OBAMA is president!”

HAHAHA. I am sorry. Two political posts in two days, I can’t help it, crotchety old men are amAzing.



HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! If you know some children, send them to my door before Kevin eats the 150 plus bag of goodies we bought for the 0 number of trick-or-treaters thus far 😦


One comment

  1. Your thirst for understanding the relevance of an electoral system that is both wasteful and divisive is a good sign that hope has not died. I fear the current system does NOT get it. The voters do NOT get it. We are the government; we get whom we elect and whom we elect ultimately gives us what we deserve seeing how we voted them all in. The sad thing is that we the people keep voting the same losers into the same positions so they can continue to do that which we would prefer they do not. Wouldn’t it be something that if a politician does not fulfill their stated intentions then they are removed … in time we will see that the people are back in control and the Rebublic, for which we stand, is alive and well. Sorry to hear you did not get any trick-or-treaters … we did not either and to make matters worse … we did not have candy in the house. Love to the Hevins!

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