Comcast vs. IRS

November 9, 2008

I recently read that Comcast ranks worse than the IRS when it comes to customer service.  Now I know why.

First, It was recently reported that Comcast saw huge gains in digital cable customers in the past quarter which is said to be due to the fact that they are confusing poor little old people into thinking that when the all-digital switch happens this February that they will have no choice other than to buy cable or they won’t be able to watch their sacred 700 Club segment on their old analog box.  WRONG.  Poor little old people of the world, you can still catch The Price is Right and Jeopardy simply by getting a converter box.  The government will offer you a coupon up for up to $40.00 off of one of these boxes simply by going here: https://www.dtv2009.gov. (If you somehow found this ranting, but don’t know how to use the internet, ask your grandson.)  Don’t give your money to the Comcast monopoly.

The second reason I hate Comcast more than the IRS is that they charged us almost $100 to move less than a block.  We moved from one apartment to another, within the same complex and they charged us a new setup fee.  We didn’t even suspend our service.  We simply moved and all they had to do was flip a little switch somewhere in Comcastland and we would have had our service moved.  According to Comcast, a representative had to come out here and manually set it up.  WRONG again, as soon as we plugged in our cable box and television it worked perfectly.  Also, they are already here literally every day.  We live in one of the largest apartment complexes in Portland, sprawling for acres and they are here hooking up new service every day.  If they charge everyone who moves the same fee (and I’m sure they do) it’s no wonder their profits are up.  Lets say, for example, that Comcast charges every family who is forced out of their home due to foreclosure and moves into an apartment or a low-income inner-city tennament a $100 moving fee.   According to Oregonian writer Ryan Frank’s article, “Foreclosure Scourge Spreads into Oregon” more than 2,800 people in Washington, Multnomah and Clark county alone defaulted on their home loans in the 3rd quarter of ’08.  Say these people move their cable service, that results in $280,000 in revenue for Comcast for the Portland area alone (please realize this is not a serious argument).

“So switch your service if you hate Comcast so much,” you say? Oh… what a novel idea.  Unfortunately, in this lovely area of Portland there is only one cable/high speed internet provider available… and it is our monopolistic friend Comcast with their crappy service and outrageous fees.  So unless we want to live in the world that grandma and grandpa are in with their digital converter box and dial-up internet through AOL (if its even available anymore) we’re stuck with the giant.

to read a few more articles on how Comcast rapes it’s basic-cable customers across the country see the following:



Come on Comcast, please… think of the children!



  1. We apologize for any any confusion.

    The transition in 2009 only involves over the air channels. When the transition is completed on February 17, 2009, existing Comcast customers don’t have to worry about a thing. They will continue to keep watching their favorite shows.

    For more information about the transition, please visit the following URL: http://www.comcast.com/dtv/homepage.html.

    Regarding your transfer fees, I would really like to take a closer look into this. I will be happy to reach out to my contacts so that we can validate the charges. Please send me the phone number on the account so that I can assist further.

    Thanks for sharing this post and I appreciate the opportunity to assist!

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. So I don’t have Comcast but I hate my provider as well. They’re all jerks. Too much money! Like for serious does cable and internet need to be that much? Hells no. Too bad I’m addicted or I’d seriously consider doing something in protest.

  3. Now if only the IRS would reply in the same fashion as Comcast.

  4. damn comcast is fast!
    I’d like to blog a complaint about coffee shops, the place I get pedicures, airlines and hotels. They are all free to contact me and help change my opinions of them! 🙂

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