Belly Timber? Belly Timber!

November 10, 2008

We love food.  One of the best parts of our honeymoon was eating all of the delicious, gourmet, all-inclusive buffet food.  Since we’re both pretty amazing cooks (not to toot our own horns) we have quite discerning taste when we go out, because quite frankly, we can eat well at home, so why not while we’re out?

With the state of the economy and our reduced earnings (Kevin’s intern pay and Helen’s PT nurse pay) we don’t go out to eat very often right now.

I (Kevin) got a gift certificate from work for Belly Timber as we helped do PR for their opening earlier this year.  In celebration of my new job (I’m now an Assistant Account Executive, WOOHOO!) we decided to put the gift certificate to good use and celebrate.

The restaurant is an old house that has been elegantly converted into a Restaurant.  It is gorgeous!  The upstairs bedrooms of the house have been converted into intimate dining rooms that seat five to six couples or groups.  Downstairs the living room and what was once probably the dining room have become eating areas as well.  Against one wall of the living room is a very unique bar, reminiscent of the quaint little pubs I recall from england.  The walls of the restaurant have shoulder-height, deep cherry paneling and above that a deep blue paisley-like victorian-style textured wall paper, its quite classy and creates quite the atmosphere with its deep earth tones and candle light.

Our meals and service were even better (don’t be alarmed by the mention of bacon in cocktails or dessert or the repeated use of bone-marrow on the menu, there’s something for everyone!)  To begin we shared the fried chickpeas and I started with a green salad, had the pan seared salmon with mashed runner beans and chanterelles, and finished with the flourless chocolate cake with peanut-butter panna cotta & whipped cream.  Lord have mercy! It was incredible – all of it, but especially the peanut-butter panna cotta, YUM.  Helen started with the goat-cheese fritter which was like a breaded and fried portion of feta atop a bed of tasty greens.  She had the heirloom squash cannelloni, with walnuts, sage and pecorino (which may have been a little tastier than mine) and finished with the pumpkin semifreddo with quince and currant butter, which was served in a small mason jar, and had pieces of candied ginger in it (my weakness).

We also indulged in a few cocktails, all of which were pretty incredible – this place does not skimp on the liquor!  Many of the liquors, such as the rose-infused vodka and the stumptown coffee liquor is house-made.

It was the perfect celebratory dinner!

That being said, If you’re in SE Portland and looking for a classy, delicious place to go to dinner, and have about $95.00 to spend… check out Belly Timber, you won’t regret it.

OH! Also, if you’re a group of pretentious jackasses like those sitting next to us, feel free to stay at home or you risk ruining the experience for someone else, though… in the case that you are, you probably don’t care.



  1. Not sure about the pretentious asses; we thought we were minding out own businesses … but it does sound like you enjoyed yourself’ and it sounds like your employer enjoys you as well … congrats

  2. they sound not only like a pretentious ass but a jack ass 🙂

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