there’s a hole in the … ceiling … !?!

November 12, 2008

uh, everyone out there. this is bella. just thought i would blog since my mom and dad have both abandoned me today to work, i mean who the heck works these days? surely not my mom, since most days we hang out together. anyways. I’m getting off topic. i don’t know why they bother working when our so called ‘luxury’ apartment here at deveraux glen seems to be falling apart. first no one would listen to me when i tried to tell them what was going on in MY room. water stains and mold! i mean, how the heck could you miss that! i bark like every morning when they try to leave to tell them what’s up but do they listen .. nooooo … they tell me to shush! so they finally noticed the other day and called the maintenance hotline. of course they came and did this and that, and last night instead of stains and mold it’s RAINING in my ROOM! a full on hole in the ceiling. blah. so now i can’t even have the quiet of my own space and i have to sleep with my parents who are not the quietest sleepers let me tell you. on top of the rain and hole in my room, we also have an infestation of nasty ‘mealy’ bugs that like to eat the pasta and stuff in the pantry. they better lay off my dog treats, let me tell you.  don’t get me wrong, a good bug here and then can be a satisfying snack but one too many and my stomach gets sore. dad vacuumed them up last night, which coincidentally terrified me more than the bugs but who is talking irrational fears. not me. ugggh. so hopefully they fix this hole is my ceiling before we have to MOVE again. and in case you were wondering, here are some pictures of this “hole” situation. ttyl internet. i gotta chew my raw hide and take a nap. what a life.


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  1. Dear Bella
    I am truly sorry that your masters do not give a rip about your living conditions. Their attitude would almost suffice a call to the SPCA if the SPCA gave a rip about the lifestyle of pampered doggies. Now don’t get me wrong. You are a special canine carbon unit and you deserve some level of respect but having just got done with watching Animal Planet and seeking how some of your “cousins” are treated … I would dare say you would even find mold as a delicacy compared to being tied up outside in the freezy snow with NO cover. However I digress and I know how you dislike digressing … you are such a linear thinker Ms. Bella. So keep telling your folks to keep getting on the case of whoever it is that makes sure you and the humans stay warm and dry. You are always welcome in the country.

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