The Hole in Bella’s Room Grew.

November 13, 2008

Sooo… it rained a lot yesterday and that caused more dripping into our spare bedroom.  Pretty awesome, really.  Apparently roofers came out today to fix the roof so it wont leak anymore, but they’re waiting to fix the holes in the ceiling until it rains hard again to see if it’s actually fixed – seems rational, right?

Luis, the maintenance man said that he would leave a ladder in the room so we could look in the hole if we wanted… but then they took it away, so we haven’t had a chance to peek… dang!

This evening the wind is blowing quite hard.  Since there is a large hole in the ceiling now, it can be heard nicely in the spare room, echoing between the rafters.

Yep… just livin’ the dream


One comment

  1. umm, you should deduct that from your rent or something or you could pretend you’re in the mountains at some winter-cabin-get-away. Second honeymoon style.

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