religious but with a wink … ;)

November 20, 2008

i’m not going to attempt to write something insightful or long-winded, as i am in the process of recovery from a nasty cold germ that has attached itself within my head. amongst my moments of mostly stuffiness and clarity the past few days i have accomplished nothing as great as watching curious george. the animated cartoon about the man in the yellow hat and his monkey. its a strange concept for a children’s story/movie, but with will ferrell’s humerous voice and jack johnson’s melodious songs, i guess they had a recipe for minor success.  anyways. i thought i would take the opportunity to post some pictures from our ‘celebrate sister amy’ sunriver, bend trip. kevin and i didn’t get over there until late on friday, but the weather that we had on saturday was SO worth it! it felt like summer time in the mountains. amazing.

here are the photos. 🙂 enough talk for tonight.


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