my new love … <3

November 23, 2008

thank you sunbeam for giving me, a simple girl from Oregon, the world’s greatest gift. oh, yes and thank you mother for bestowing this amazing gift! oops. my husband just read the title for this post. of course a blanket could never replace my delicious and handsome husband, but … at the same time, i must be quick in divulging the secret adoration i hold for my new heated blanket. but for those of you out there who have never experienced the sheer joy and warmth of a heated blanket, you are MISSING out! i can hardly stand getting up from the couch unless the next spot i choose is next to an outlet so my new dear companion can join me. seriously, there is nothing better than cuddling up to a instantly warm and embracing blanket, one that actually STAYS warm! whoever thought that a heated blanket could be a safe, marketable product deserves to win the Nobel prize that Al Gore stole for his “global warming” book. 🙂 sigh. so for those of you looking for a few extra snuggles throughout the day and night, may i recommend a heated blanket.

HB and HB (heated blanket and helen breanna)

HB and HB (heated blanket and helen breanna)

it plugs into your car's cigarette adapter ... amAzing

it plugs into your car

perhaps if anyone would like to further my infatuation with heated blankets … this would be the perfect gift … so i wouldn’t have to worry about being apart when leaving the house … amazing. i mean, look how happy that lady is! blankets DO bring happiness.



  1. they should definitely use your picture for their advertising instead of the one they are using…that lady looks like she’s afraid, or like she’s being held down by the blanket against her will…you just look happy and comfy!! 🙂

  2. This sounds nice! Though I’m surprised you’re usually the person who is so hot they can’t take it any more a heated blanket is not what I would expect you to love.

  3. I think that picture was actually snapped by the paparazzi as the wax replica of Demi Moore, covered by a flannel blanket, was being transported to Madame Tussauds and sunbeam stole it as an advertisement.

  4. You scare me! Life is so much more than warm cuddling blankets or spouses. It is about knowing when to hold ’em and knowing when to fold ’em, and knowing when to walk away and knowing when to … well you get the picture and I agree with amychristine61 that hb is a better marketing tool for an hb.

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