December 1, 2008

Helen and I woke up at 6:00 this morning.  Actually, she woke up at 5:30 and I woke up at 6:10, but granted, she is a little more nervous than I am.  She is having surgery on her foot this morning where they take a chunk of bone from her tibia (that bone that goes from your knee to your ankle) and put it between two bones in the top of your foot, in her case, the bones that run from your ankle to your big toe, and your ankle to toe next to your big toe (first and second metatarsals).  Then, they put four screws through the two metatarsals and the chunk of tibia and hope they all heal together.   The hope is that it will prevent the bones and joints that healed incorrectly after the break in February from rubbing together with every move and creating nerve pain / arthritis.

Its 8:30 right now.  I’m in the waiting room of the outpatient clinic where they’re cutting her up.  She had a bunch of pokes and they took about 1,000 preventative measures this morning to make sure they did the operation on the right foot, which was quite amusing as every nurse, doctor, receptionist or anesthesiologist that saw her asked at least twice what her name and date of birth were as well as what foot the procedure should be done on.

In the course of it all, we found out that we’re not pregnant, in case you wondered.

Here are some pictures of my beautiful wife in all of her pre-surgery glory.



  1. Thanks Kevin! I’m glad you posted this! I am a little nervous for her as well….but don’t tell her that!

    Take good care of her! 🙂

  2. Dale and I wish the best for Helen and hope she heals fast with as little pain as possible. Dale will light a candle. You are in our thoughts and prayers — GET WELL. Love, Jack and Dale.

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