State of Being

December 9, 2008

Helen is in Corvallis with my Bella and the in-laws.  She is healing nicely, downgraded from 2 oxy codone every 4 hours to 2 vicodin a day, this is very good news.  Now that the pain is managed, she seems to be having mild withdrawal symptoms from the narcotics, which is mildly amusing to me.

Me?  I’m here in Portland by my lonesome, but it has been very busy.  I’ve been eating a lot of Amy’s Kitchen pre-made treats (Thanks Aunt Bessy).  They are delicious – and I’m not just saying that because I do PR for them, they’re actually really tasty, though for a guy my size, I could easily eat two or three at a sitting.  Also – It is finals week for me.  My last finals week ever!

I kind-of graduate on Thursday after this paper that I’m procrastinating writing right now is handed in.  I have one upper division credit… yes “a” credit that I have to fulfill next term.  I have the 180 needed to graduate, but with the transfer and all, there is one UD credit that I have to fulfill before I get my degree.  My prof from this class that I’m taking right now, though, is going to help me make it up.  I got my 4th 25 page paper back today and her note said, “well, another A+” (yes I AM bragging)  She solicited me to do some research with her next term relating to the communicative aspects of bottled water.  That probably doesn’t make much sense, but it’s looking at a number of communication theories and researching what it is about the messaging including in labeling, or not even included, but rather implied by the bottle, the culture, etc. that makes people buy bottled water.  Anyway, I will earn my final credit with that research, and get paid, so woo hoo!

I can’t wait for my wifey to get home to me this weekend.  We’re going to get ourselves a Christmas tree – the lights are already up, but we haven’t boughten a tree in Portland because they are seriously like $40.00 for the quality of the ones you can get for $5 from the boy scouts in Philomath.  LAME.  We would like to have a Christmas party, but with all of the busy-ness going on, and Helen’s poor little foot, we might make it more of a New Year’s Party, we’ll keep you updated.

That’s all for now.  Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday – Happy Birthday Mom!


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