warts in the mirror.

December 11, 2008
soon enough, soon enough everyone
soon enough, soon enough everyone must face their 'wart in the mirror'

must face their 'wart in the mirror'

being stuck on a couch 24/7 gives a girl a lot of time to ponder and contemplate life. at least one would imagine. unfortunately for the past week and a half, i haven’t really been clear enough in the head between the cycle of pain, pill, pain, to ponder such musings. my goal for next week is to study math for the GRE exam that i am scheduled to take in January. unfortunately, that is going to interrupt my reading/watching the mindless television routine a bit. oh well, i will take that risk. today i was reading the newspaper and i stumbled upon my horoscope. it actually seems pretty telling, substitute the word ‘wart’ for ‘foot with bone graft and surgical pins in place” and i think it sums my life up pretty well.

“someone loves you, warts and all. you might only see the warts when you look in the mirror, so you’ll be  pleased by reassurances that come from loved ones. don’t take criticisms to heart.”

this is actually one of the most inspiring horoscopes i’ve ever read (and i am a, if not daily, then weekly indulger, thanks to my grandma hal’s fun-drive interest) now if i could only stop having dreams where i am going to get hit by a car, and as i attempt to “run” i wake up in pain as i realize i have not only dreamed this reaction, but physically slammed down my foot. OUCH. i also thought last night post-dream state that i had popped out the screws in my foot. let’s just say the faster this healing routine gets there .. the better.

thank you to everyone thus far for putting up with my whiny-tantrums, mopey-moments and all!


One comment

  1. Even if you have warts on your broken bones I would still love you … and I must admit I have no idea what you are referencing re: grandma’s fun-drive interest and the connection to you getting hit by a car … do you want to talk about it? What if you were the car … what does that mean? What if you get hit, what does that mean? What if you were the road that let the car roll … what does that mean? Hmmm??

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