December 14, 2008

I went to spend the weekend with my wifey at her parent’s house in Philomath.  This morning we woke up and there was snow on the ground, it was beautiful.  Then I walked into the living room and the next four hours were spent watching a combination of KATU and KGW, looking on the internet for various weather reports, and calling random folks in Portland to get their expert opinions.  Then I read the WWeek blog post making fun of all of the retards in Portland who make the snow such a big deal, and the cynical side of me agreed with them.  I took the chains Dan picked up for the Accord and hit the road.

WWeek, you suck.

It wasn’t a joke – there was crazy snow on the freeway.  I pulled over just south of the outlet stores in Woodburn, chained-up on the side of I-5 (which only took me about 3 minutes, by the way, because I’m a man) and treked onward.  For the next two hours. Going 15-20 mph.  On I-5.  Behind a semi.  Yep.  I made it, though, safe and sound.

We have about 6-8 inches of snow here… its 21 degrees and the wind is blowing so hard it is making the windows shake at times – and our front doors, which is under the cover of a second floor breezeway, has snow outside of it.

Anyway, all of this – I’m now alone at home, its cold, windy… and about 10 minutes after getting home I got an e-mail that said the office is closed tomorrow.  I should have figured, but I’m not really the “Ummm, sorry, yeah, uhhh I can’t make it – the roads” kind of guy.  So I get to chill here until the “arctic blast” clears up.

Enough – here are some pics.


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