New Member of the Family

December 17, 2008

Sooo… Helen and I are going to be Aunt/Uncle for the first time ever.  We’re excited!

Here are some pictures of the baby my sister Megan, whom we have named “Peanut”, is growing in her belly

YAY Megan!  – Peanut is due July 22nd.

Baby Skaggs

Baby Skaggs

On another note, yesterday we had some serious blog traffic due to some cast fetish website getting ahold of the pictures of Helen in her cast.  Seriously – people get off on girls in casts…. She is afraid to go in public in her cast now because she thinks some sickos are going to get turned on by seeing her crutch around.

“I wanna slide my body down your casted leg” – http://www.castfetish.com

FREAKS.  Poor peanut, coming into a sick world.



  1. I am really excited for you both to become an auntie/uncle! I’m also deeply disturbed by this fetish! I just can’t even believe that is real.

  2. amanda, I share your sentiments exactly

    yay for baby! boo for sickos 😦

  3. 1)PEANUT!!!! There is nothing better than new babies.

    2)SICK about the cast freaks. Seriously, what’s the matter with this world? SEE you guys soon.

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