December 20, 2008

Wow.  It is snowing in Portland like I only remember snow from my childhood, when I thought it only seemed huge because my memories were skewed from being so small.

I don’t know if that makes any sense, but it is snowing like a crazy mother!

We drove to Troutdale tonight for the yearly Hambleton Christmas party… bad idea.  The food was good, but the roads were not.  I’m pretty sure we nearly died about 100 times on the freeway on the way back.  I just walked Bella, it is 9:30, and we are expected to get 8 more inches of snow over night and we currently have 11″ of snow.  WHAT?  By morning we could possibly have nearly two feet of snow.

Check out these pictures:

Yep 11"

Yep 11"

Alaska?  Nope... Portland, OR

Alaska? Nope... Portland, OR

AHHHHH... worst drive, ever!

AHHHHH... worst drive, ever!



40 mph winds can blow 7" of snow into the breezeway

40 mph winds can blow 7" of snow into the breezeway

Bella Swimming in the Snow

Bella Swimming in the Snow

P.S. Thanks for driving, El Poppa Dan.



  1. Well … while I am not sure it was the worst drive ever … it came pretty close … i still am smarting from the wind blowing through my brain … ouch … never knew wind could go in one ear and exit the other … like piercing needles of frigid air … I actually enjoyed trying to peer through the frozen windshield and anticipate which driver would do the most stupidest move … hope it wasn’t me 🙂

  2. shoot, we have some intense weather here but I’m thinking it’s SO much worse for you. I’ll try to remember that next time I’m cursing the snow.

  3. Welcome to Troutdale! (ha) I am honered that everyone braved the weather and came. You have to admit that after the fact it was kind of thrilling and memorable. I wasn’t worried, I knew Dan and our family guardian angels could handle it. I Love you both and probably won’t see you til spring/lol XOXO

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