Merry Christmas… Uhhh… ?

January 12, 2009

Oops.  Sorry we’re late and for the lack of blogging.  Also, thanks to everyone who gave us gift cards to Macy’s for our wedding.  We combined the last few pennies and got some fancy new stuff for our kitchen that we realized we needed… and some stuff that we didn’t really need.  A toaster, a coffee maker, a cookie cooling sheet… woohoo.

Helen left me for the week.  Her and Bella are having their last hurrahs as a crippled mother/daughter pair.  They’re in the country with Maddie, Mel and of course Grandma and Grandpa Hayes.  After Bella had an accident on the bath mat last week because she had to stay inside too long during the day (while I was at work and Helen was unable to walk her being on crutches/cast and all) we decided to let her play with her dog friends out at the Hayes’ Estate.  It’s pretty lonely up here all by my lonesome.

Another thing – I took a sick day last week, which required me to have a conference call on my cell phone from home, used up about 180 of my 450 minutes for the month.  Helen doesn’t get cell reception at her parent’s house – so I have to wait until after 9:00 to call her so we don’t go over our minutes (again).   We won’t get to talk much tonight because I have to wake up at 4:00 tomorrow and meet Drew Carney at Tazo – shooting KGW’s Out & About live there in the AM.  I’m having flashbacks to my days as a Starbucks partner.  Glad that’s over.  Poor Drew though – five days a week he shoots at 4:30 and he has 1ish year-old twins – eek.

Anyway – here are some pictures from our Christmas adventures.



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  1. hey kevin! I found your guys blog…well…through, blogs! Just wanted to say “hi” and remember when we had ‘social gerontology’ together? what a weird/depressing class!

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