kevin wants a new blog.

January 21, 2009

what more can i say, my days are filled with math, math, and more math. when i get bored of geometry and algebra … yes, simple, yet challenging math indeed, i find myself watching gilmore girls  reruns and reading – lots of random novels from the library. at the end of my day i begin to wish, yes, that i too could be a gilmore girl and then am brought crashing back to reality by the arrival of my hardworking husband. so who thinks that this blog could be filled with more interesting information? i dare you to try.

while explanations shouldn’t be necessary, for those who are not currently informed, i am studying the basics of math in anticipation of taking the GRE this saturday, all in hope to get into the master’s of public health program at ohsu. the reasons for my novel reading and tv watching offer no such explanation other than mindless entertainment to pass my days of couch-dom and crutches. in the end, it all comes down to the fact that while i DID (insert exclamatory pause) get my cast off on MONDAY, i am bound to using crutches and my 1/3 weight walking boot for the next few days. it will only get better with time, and in 6 weeks time i SHOULD be moving towards life without my hobbly friends. this not only means i won’t have to be featured on the perverted “casting” fetish websites anymore, but that i will one day live a life of walking freedom and can become yet again a working, walking member of society.

now my friends, i am sure dear kevin is regretting having asked me to blog, as the words above are, well rather silly. mmm. in conclusion of this piece i will post some pictures of monday’s adventure at dr davitts office  ….



  1. I think your x-ray is awesome. And if it didn’t require pain, suffering and crutches I’d be out the door and on my way to picking up matching bionic accessories.

  2. What’s wrong with watching the gilmore girls … shoot it was because you became incapacitated that I became aware of all these mindless shows seeing how you tivo’d a plethora of them on the our tv … it is good to see you hobbling (actually I have not seen that yet) and it is good to see you trying to work your brain (and yes I have seen that and am glad that I have a son who can help you) … hang in there and I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the GRE

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