nothing but blue skies …

February 4, 2009

currently: sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, bella and i ran away to kings valley for a few days this week, not from kevin of course, we would definitely prefer it if he was with us this week .. but we had to get out of the apartment for a little break. so far the experience has been just perfect! the sun has been so shiny i keep having to hobble outside to get a bit of vitamin d here and there. i think it might even get up to 60 degrees today, i cannot express enough how excited this weather makes me! i am very hopeful for spring, even if it is still February and frosty in the mornings .. anything above 40 degrees can make me smile these days. my parents have a lovely fragrant plant outside their door which has started to bloom and smells fantastic every time i make it outside …

oh yes, and because i cannot for the life of me write a post without a picture (no matter how relevant or not) here is the photo of the day. it has nothing to do with sunshine or spring, but perhaps it will bring a laugh to those who see it, and laughter is a beautiful thing!

KL. Please don’t blame me for this. Blame your family for one, taking the photo and two, saving it and making it accessible to me. 🙂

just a cute little boy in a creepy cabbage patch swimsuite

just a cute little boy in a creepy cabbage patch swimsuite


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