ocean air.

February 19, 2009

since i have a few hours of nothing-ness today, i tried to upload some pictures from our spur of the moment beach trip this past monday … unfortunately it seems the battery has died on the camera and alas, i don’t know where the charger is! dang re-chargeable batteries, sure they contribute to the overall greenness of the earth but come on, it takes supreme organization to actually leave the device in a “find-able” location. anyways. it was a wonderful jaunt to cannon beach inspired by the visit of my lovely BFF AK .. and while we didn’t actually go over together we both enjoyed the salted air! i LOVE the Oregon Coast, most likely one of the best places in the world. where else can you see the jagged coastline cascading with ocean, trees, and sand.

i promise one of these days i will come up with something more compelling to talk about. life is just at an interesting curve at the moment. i can’t wait to see what is coming next, because at this point (having been stranded to the couch in my apartment for many many weeks) anything is welcome! i never thought i could crave the working world SO much. granted, i am a bit hesitant to resume my nursing career because after a week long vacation i feel brain dead and a disaster, let alone 3 months! the lesson of patience has been of great relevance these months. the greek background (and yes, i will blame my neurosis on this flamboyant culture) tend to make me a slightly anxious person. i never was a procrastinator, i like to have my paper’s completed a few weeks in advance and not knowing exactly the next steps i will take in life is driving me crazy! kevin likes to remind me of the important “patience is a virtue” and while not always successful, i am trying to heed that overused quote. actually just writing/thinking about this now is making me restless. i will go back to thinking about the ocean. restless, but steady.

on another note .. kevin and i are going to canada tonight for a whirlwind trip to visit with old friends. it’s been awhile since we have been to the great white north and i am looking forward to catching up with friends and maybe a mountee or two.


here are three pictures from my cell phone and the ocean. actually one is of bella because i am so obsessed with her and she is adorable. 🙂


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