February 24, 2009

this about sums up our relationship i think ... :)

this about sums up our relationship i think ... 🙂

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

i stumbled across these words this morning in an email from work and the administrative team. i really enjoyed the perspective that mr emerson has given with a few words … at the end of the day do i want to feel “happy” or useful, compassionate, and honorable. to live my life in a way that has made the difference of living and living well sounds a whole lot more fulfilling than to have just been happy. i have always struggled with the concept of happiness, as to what it means and how it is portrayed and interpreted in life. many, many, MANY things can be perceived as making us happy – but what are they more than things? of course to be happy is not a bad thing, but it is an emotion potentially as strong as hate used in  haphazard ways within our society. the quick fix = happiness, the materialistic desire = happiness, the inebriated experience = happiness for so many that i believe we forget the joy that really is at the root of a TRULY fulfilling physical and emotional experience … my apologies if my thoughts have gone astray here .. i just wanted to share this quote that provokes so much reflection in my own self.

now admittedly, i was going to fill this post with fun-filled antidotes from our recent weekend trip to canada. in retrospect, it was a busy yet enjoyable weekend. i had a fantastic afternoon seeing two great friends from nursing school who are both doing extraordinary things with their lives, and i am so proud to call them my friends and to see how our individual passions continue to develop with time. we stayed at nate’s posh new home in vancouver, as welcomed houseguests.  without stealing words from kevin’s mouth, it appeared he too had a great time, not only getting away from the 8-5 aspect of routine but also in the two nights of mini-reunion that ensued. of course, i truly realized how i never could have kept up with the bunch, now and back during college. i loved my library cubicle TOO much. 🙂

to sum up the weekend, as we were leaving canada, returning to the american border, the guard at the crossing had few words to ask or say. rather, he took one long look at kevin’s passport and with a snorted-laugh proceeded to tell/ask kevin that, “it doesn’t expire until 2013!? you need to contact the passport office and get this changed.” worried, we exchanged a look and stared wide-eyed at the guard until he continued, “you’re a FEMALE here, not only that but an ASIAN one.” with that, he handed us our passports and continued laughing as we drove hesitantly away. kevin’s picture was taken at the age of 16. he does have long-ish hair and girlie features but, come on …


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