march maddness

March 4, 2009

so much has happened this past week i am not sure WHERE to begin! on Friday my parents and i were driving up to the portland area – i was supposed to get dropped off and meet with a gal for a potential job situation out in wilsonville. unfortunately, it seems she had stepped out for an ’emergency’ and was no longer there. worried i would be stranded before my parents had a chance to make it back (not being able to drive sucks) i quickly attempted to call mom/dad. needless to say, they didn’t get too far. when i walked out of the facility i saw my dad chatting? with a bus driver, for a moment i thought he was asking the easiest public transit route .. when i saw my mom sheepishly circling the parking lot in the car, i knew that was not the case. turns out my parents and their car had been hit by the bus! thankfully it was a minor, yet deep scratch and after some argumentative discourse, the bus driver’s supervisor showed up and gracefully attempted to resolve the situation. other than the damage to the car and poor bella’s psyche (the big baby has again been traumatized by a motor vehicle) everyone was okay.

the day couldn’t have started off any weirder. the good news is that later that evening i found out that i will be going back to school in the fall! who would ever have thought that phrase could elicit such joy, ask me again in seven months how i really feel! i got the great-news-envelope from OHSU on friday stating that i was officially admitted into the Masters of Public Health program!! Aside from figuring out the financing options i have had fun dreaming about all the possibilities that the future will bring.

we (kevin, bella, mom, dad) then headed up north for a fun weekend in seattle! the gang so kindly drove me up there so i could go to a friends baby shower. we ended up exploring the city and having a great time (aside from the cold we all now share .. thanks mom!)

this had become more of an informational blog than any .. speaking of news, as of monday i have been allowed clearance to begin weaning myself from boot to REAL shoe! it is so amazing how the little things, so often taken for granted can bring such joy and change to ones life! it has not been the easiest course but i am enjoying my slow release of new-found freedom.

now, if anyone has any ideas for a part-time job for me .. that would be appreciated. once i get full reign of shoe wearing i am anxious to get back to work. i guess i will join the almost 10% of Oregonians unemployed and  looking for a job.


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  1. could you email me this picture?? I like it!

    Miss you!!!

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