animal house … *

March 25, 2009

* not really, but we just said good bye to our two of our three visitors this week .. miss betsy and esther who came up to portland for a visit! it was so much fun, but man a 2 year old can sure keep you on your toes! abby, how ever do you do it? kudos to you! as much as i loved spending time with the little firecracker and my cousin esther, the visit helped kevin and i put into perspective our future goals. we definitely want kids … but not quite yet πŸ™‚ i realized i am probably too selfish to even think about it at this point .. with the possibility of starting a new job soon, going back to school in the fall … parenthood, the joy that it is, definitely requires the kiddies as #1. in the meantime though, i will just enjoy other peoples kids and get more and more excited to be an auntie myself and one day a momma! by the way, i need to just mention here that betsy is probably one of THE smartest 2.5 year olds ever … the things she comprehends, can question and notice amaze me! children are so perceptive .. but this one has laser-eyes πŸ™‚ on tuesday, my brother sean and i packed betsy up for a morning at the zoo .. we met her grandpa, john there and had a blast. i am so glad that the rain held off yesterday (as it is back with a vengence again today) sean is the budding photographer with his fancy new camera, so i will have to steal a few of his pictures to post later. i attempted to get a couple. my favorite is when betsy grabbed sean’s hand (what a good sport brother!)

bella is passed out right now after her exciting week … she hasn’t ever spent time with little children, let alone one that was begging for her attention. she did really well. although at every opportunity she would try to run from betsy, if she did get “cornered” she would graciously take the attention, finally learning that kids are the tastiest of people to kissΒ  πŸ™‚

ps i can’t post half of the pictures i want to because wordpress flips them over onto their side, even after i have fixed them!! grr. i WILL figure this out.



  1. Have I ever told you just how much I love the zoo and the aquarium? I desperately want to have a little niece or nephew to take! Could you please have children so I can fulfill this desire?? Pretty please?!?!

  2. no.

  3. humm – was that comment left by Kevin??

  4. yes, that WAS kevin … brat.

  5. Thanks for hosting my little one πŸ™‚ She had a great time, I know because she LOVED talking about Bella and how scared Bella was of her! I want to come visit your pad too, soon!

    Maybe Betsy and Bella and I can make a special trip

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