All About Hevin

Helen is an RN on a surgical unit, Kevin is finishing up school and is an Assistant Account Executive at Edelman Public Relations in downtown Portland. We got married on 08.30.08. We have a bastard daughter, Bella, who is actually a sweet lickin’ puppy.



  1. I think that you should get Bella a blog….I’d like to read her musings as well!

  2. I am not quite sure what I like just yet but good thing this blog space is about “Hevin”

  3. What isa blog anyway?

  4. So what is up with the hevins anyway? I hear all about this Bella but am seeing nothing new on her status? enjoy this raining wednesday and put buckets in Bella’s bedroom; poor Bella having to live in squalor

  5. So things seem very quiet for the Blog of Hevins .. what’sup? we are getting ready to go into town, get some supplies, and pick up the mommasan for the turkey day at the Bains which won’t be the same without the Hevins … enjoy and be at peace.

  6. It was good to have you all down here for Christmas. Thanks for sharing in the “transition.:

    So what is new for the Hevin clan?

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