march maddness

March 4, 2009

so much has happened this past week i am not sure WHERE to begin! on Friday my parents and i were driving up to the portland area – i was supposed to get dropped off and meet with a gal for a potential job situation out in wilsonville. unfortunately, it seems she had stepped out for an ’emergency’ and was no longer there. worried i would be stranded before my parents had a chance to make it back (not being able to drive sucks) i quickly attempted to call mom/dad. needless to say, they didn’t get too far. when i walked out of the facility i saw my dad chatting? with a bus driver, for a moment i thought he was asking the easiest public transit route .. when i saw my mom sheepishly circling the parking lot in the car, i knew that was not the case. turns out my parents and their car had been hit by the bus! thankfully it was a minor, yet deep scratch and after some argumentative discourse, the bus driver’s supervisor showed up and gracefully attempted to resolve the situation. other than the damage to the car and poor bella’s psyche (the big baby has again been traumatized by a motor vehicle) everyone was okay.

the day couldn’t have started off any weirder. the good news is that later that evening i found out that i will be going back to school in the fall! who would ever have thought that phrase could elicit such joy, ask me again in seven months how i really feel! i got the great-news-envelope from OHSU on friday stating that i was officially admitted into the Masters of Public Health program!! Aside from figuring out the financing options i have had fun dreaming about all the possibilities that the future will bring.

we (kevin, bella, mom, dad) then headed up north for a fun weekend in seattle! the gang so kindly drove me up there so i could go to a friends baby shower. we ended up exploring the city and having a great time (aside from the cold we all now share .. thanks mom!)

this had become more of an informational blog than any .. speaking of news, as of monday i have been allowed clearance to begin weaning myself from boot to REAL shoe! it is so amazing how the little things, so often taken for granted can bring such joy and change to ones life! it has not been the easiest course but i am enjoying my slow release of new-found freedom.

now, if anyone has any ideas for a part-time job for me .. that would be appreciated. once i get full reign of shoe wearing i am anxious to get back to work. i guess i will join the almost 10% of Oregonians unemployed and  looking for a job.



February 24, 2009

this about sums up our relationship i think ... :)

this about sums up our relationship i think ... 🙂

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

i stumbled across these words this morning in an email from work and the administrative team. i really enjoyed the perspective that mr emerson has given with a few words … at the end of the day do i want to feel “happy” or useful, compassionate, and honorable. to live my life in a way that has made the difference of living and living well sounds a whole lot more fulfilling than to have just been happy. i have always struggled with the concept of happiness, as to what it means and how it is portrayed and interpreted in life. many, many, MANY things can be perceived as making us happy – but what are they more than things? of course to be happy is not a bad thing, but it is an emotion potentially as strong as hate used in  haphazard ways within our society. the quick fix = happiness, the materialistic desire = happiness, the inebriated experience = happiness for so many that i believe we forget the joy that really is at the root of a TRULY fulfilling physical and emotional experience … my apologies if my thoughts have gone astray here .. i just wanted to share this quote that provokes so much reflection in my own self.

now admittedly, i was going to fill this post with fun-filled antidotes from our recent weekend trip to canada. in retrospect, it was a busy yet enjoyable weekend. i had a fantastic afternoon seeing two great friends from nursing school who are both doing extraordinary things with their lives, and i am so proud to call them my friends and to see how our individual passions continue to develop with time. we stayed at nate’s posh new home in vancouver, as welcomed houseguests.  without stealing words from kevin’s mouth, it appeared he too had a great time, not only getting away from the 8-5 aspect of routine but also in the two nights of mini-reunion that ensued. of course, i truly realized how i never could have kept up with the bunch, now and back during college. i loved my library cubicle TOO much. 🙂

to sum up the weekend, as we were leaving canada, returning to the american border, the guard at the crossing had few words to ask or say. rather, he took one long look at kevin’s passport and with a snorted-laugh proceeded to tell/ask kevin that, “it doesn’t expire until 2013!? you need to contact the passport office and get this changed.” worried, we exchanged a look and stared wide-eyed at the guard until he continued, “you’re a FEMALE here, not only that but an ASIAN one.” with that, he handed us our passports and continued laughing as we drove hesitantly away. kevin’s picture was taken at the age of 16. he does have long-ish hair and girlie features but, come on …


ocean air.

February 19, 2009

since i have a few hours of nothing-ness today, i tried to upload some pictures from our spur of the moment beach trip this past monday … unfortunately it seems the battery has died on the camera and alas, i don’t know where the charger is! dang re-chargeable batteries, sure they contribute to the overall greenness of the earth but come on, it takes supreme organization to actually leave the device in a “find-able” location. anyways. it was a wonderful jaunt to cannon beach inspired by the visit of my lovely BFF AK .. and while we didn’t actually go over together we both enjoyed the salted air! i LOVE the Oregon Coast, most likely one of the best places in the world. where else can you see the jagged coastline cascading with ocean, trees, and sand.

i promise one of these days i will come up with something more compelling to talk about. life is just at an interesting curve at the moment. i can’t wait to see what is coming next, because at this point (having been stranded to the couch in my apartment for many many weeks) anything is welcome! i never thought i could crave the working world SO much. granted, i am a bit hesitant to resume my nursing career because after a week long vacation i feel brain dead and a disaster, let alone 3 months! the lesson of patience has been of great relevance these months. the greek background (and yes, i will blame my neurosis on this flamboyant culture) tend to make me a slightly anxious person. i never was a procrastinator, i like to have my paper’s completed a few weeks in advance and not knowing exactly the next steps i will take in life is driving me crazy! kevin likes to remind me of the important “patience is a virtue” and while not always successful, i am trying to heed that overused quote. actually just writing/thinking about this now is making me restless. i will go back to thinking about the ocean. restless, but steady.

on another note .. kevin and i are going to canada tonight for a whirlwind trip to visit with old friends. it’s been awhile since we have been to the great white north and i am looking forward to catching up with friends and maybe a mountee or two.


here are three pictures from my cell phone and the ocean. actually one is of bella because i am so obsessed with her and she is adorable. 🙂


nothing but blue skies …

February 4, 2009

currently: sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, bella and i ran away to kings valley for a few days this week, not from kevin of course, we would definitely prefer it if he was with us this week .. but we had to get out of the apartment for a little break. so far the experience has been just perfect! the sun has been so shiny i keep having to hobble outside to get a bit of vitamin d here and there. i think it might even get up to 60 degrees today, i cannot express enough how excited this weather makes me! i am very hopeful for spring, even if it is still February and frosty in the mornings .. anything above 40 degrees can make me smile these days. my parents have a lovely fragrant plant outside their door which has started to bloom and smells fantastic every time i make it outside …

oh yes, and because i cannot for the life of me write a post without a picture (no matter how relevant or not) here is the photo of the day. it has nothing to do with sunshine or spring, but perhaps it will bring a laugh to those who see it, and laughter is a beautiful thing!

KL. Please don’t blame me for this. Blame your family for one, taking the photo and two, saving it and making it accessible to me. 🙂

just a cute little boy in a creepy cabbage patch swimsuite

just a cute little boy in a creepy cabbage patch swimsuite


kevin wants a new blog.

January 21, 2009

what more can i say, my days are filled with math, math, and more math. when i get bored of geometry and algebra … yes, simple, yet challenging math indeed, i find myself watching gilmore girls  reruns and reading – lots of random novels from the library. at the end of my day i begin to wish, yes, that i too could be a gilmore girl and then am brought crashing back to reality by the arrival of my hardworking husband. so who thinks that this blog could be filled with more interesting information? i dare you to try.

while explanations shouldn’t be necessary, for those who are not currently informed, i am studying the basics of math in anticipation of taking the GRE this saturday, all in hope to get into the master’s of public health program at ohsu. the reasons for my novel reading and tv watching offer no such explanation other than mindless entertainment to pass my days of couch-dom and crutches. in the end, it all comes down to the fact that while i DID (insert exclamatory pause) get my cast off on MONDAY, i am bound to using crutches and my 1/3 weight walking boot for the next few days. it will only get better with time, and in 6 weeks time i SHOULD be moving towards life without my hobbly friends. this not only means i won’t have to be featured on the perverted “casting” fetish websites anymore, but that i will one day live a life of walking freedom and can become yet again a working, walking member of society.

now my friends, i am sure dear kevin is regretting having asked me to blog, as the words above are, well rather silly. mmm. in conclusion of this piece i will post some pictures of monday’s adventure at dr davitts office  ….


Merry Christmas… Uhhh… ?

January 12, 2009

Oops.  Sorry we’re late and for the lack of blogging.  Also, thanks to everyone who gave us gift cards to Macy’s for our wedding.  We combined the last few pennies and got some fancy new stuff for our kitchen that we realized we needed… and some stuff that we didn’t really need.  A toaster, a coffee maker, a cookie cooling sheet… woohoo.

Helen left me for the week.  Her and Bella are having their last hurrahs as a crippled mother/daughter pair.  They’re in the country with Maddie, Mel and of course Grandma and Grandpa Hayes.  After Bella had an accident on the bath mat last week because she had to stay inside too long during the day (while I was at work and Helen was unable to walk her being on crutches/cast and all) we decided to let her play with her dog friends out at the Hayes’ Estate.  It’s pretty lonely up here all by my lonesome.

Another thing – I took a sick day last week, which required me to have a conference call on my cell phone from home, used up about 180 of my 450 minutes for the month.  Helen doesn’t get cell reception at her parent’s house – so I have to wait until after 9:00 to call her so we don’t go over our minutes (again).   We won’t get to talk much tonight because I have to wake up at 4:00 tomorrow and meet Drew Carney at Tazo – shooting KGW’s Out & About live there in the AM.  I’m having flashbacks to my days as a Starbucks partner.  Glad that’s over.  Poor Drew though – five days a week he shoots at 4:30 and he has 1ish year-old twins – eek.

Anyway – here are some pictures from our Christmas adventures.



It’s Official We’re

January 5, 2009

both infected with the flu.  Yep influenza.  Want to die.  We both got the flu shot too… so screw the CDC.

Anybody ever taken Tamiflu.  Does it work? Any side effects?  If I take it tomorrow, will I be able to go to work the next day?

If two people on the same insurance plan go to the same doctor at the same time – do you only have to pay one co-pay? haha… but seriously?

Take care of yourselves!